Review by Sloof: The Tibetan language reveals the meaning of Yugal as it indicates an universal duality. Nothing is binary, nothing is strictly black or white as everything needs a nuance and a deeper meaning and thought. Combine murderous riffs with pleasant melodies and you can say it’s Yugal.

The name of the debut album illustrates it best: ‘Chaos & Harmony’ two opponents that reciprocate or accord to the Yugal principle. When are things in chaos, when are they in harmony, and what is the state in between? Can we say that extreme music is an art of beauty and melodic music isn’t? Everything in life seems to be a part of the Yugal principle as nothing is 100% pure and unsullied. After checking this album I must agree that Chaos and Harmony are capable to fit together, that extremities and melodies become one and that the name of the band is a perfect choice to describe what the music of this band is all about!

After an oriental inspired intro ‘Khamsin’ we get the track ‘Once Upon A Lie’ which is stomping forward with vocals like Max Cavalera. ‘Heavy Mental’ is increasing the pace while the guitars demand a lot of your attention. The oriental sounds return in ‘From This Day I Will Rise’ while ‘Illusion Of Time’ needs a long instrumental preamble. The ‘Interlude’ is an instrumental piece of 1 minute with acoustic guitars and a very nice vibe.

All together we can conclude that Yugal performed well, but most songs have the same main ingredients. They sound cumbrous and inert with a dark and oriental twist as an extra layer. There aren’t really highlights on this album, as every song is a logical continuation with the same and constant repetitive input and I’m sure that fans of Soulfly will dig this album.

It’s a nice first effort, but the band needs to sharpen their wits when they enter the studio for their next album. I want to hear more variety, really lustful songs with passion and charisma, as these elements aren’t omnipresent on ‘Chaos & Harmony’. https://www.facebook.com/Yugalofficial/

My rating: 81/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)